101_Page 99Monday. 9.th. January. 1843.

A spring day of clouds, and sunshine, terminating in rain at night.

The streets much better for pedestrians than they were previous to the rain. Julie, and I set out for Chelsea, we went early and rode up. All well at home. Mother recovered from her fall in a great measure. C. and I went out to make a few calls. Went to the Miss Moores, Miss Babcocks and Mrs -R. Moores. The latter an old schoolmate of mine, much changed in looks, but the same in manners. Julie, and I returned home to dinner. The afternoon was beautifull, and I waked down to the Park with “Mon Marie”, we met all the town enjoying the fine afternoon. Mr. H. does not go to the store, every afternoon, there is no business doing in this month. He feels dull, and distraut to night, the weather affects him at times.