102_Page 100Wenesday [sic]. 11. th. January. 1843.

A beautiful spring sun.shine, with bland air. and dry streets. This warm weather has melted the ice in the river, and will occasion [fresh-ts] in many parts of the country. Eugene, came in this morning, to shew [sic] me a letter written by him to Maria Hasbrouck. I thought it pretty good. He told me some ladies from Chelsea intended calling, and that C. also, was comeing down to dine. I dressed, but spent all this delightfull morning within doors, a great trial to my wishes. Mrs Remsen, came in to see me, she was not attired in the becoming garb, which once added so much to her pretty face. But in manner she is the same amiable woman. C. came in to dinner. We walked out with the children after dinner to Broadway, but they are so slow in their gait, as to make our walk a task. Mr H. spent his evening at home to.night, but is more dull than usual, some business affairs, trouble him. A lovely moonlight night. Julie’s kitten came from Chelsea.