105_Page 103Friday.20.th. of January. 1843.

A pleasant, mild day surpriseing weather for this cold winter month.
I had all the bed rooms windows washed this morning, and employed myself in a dozen different ways. Eugene; came in at ten oclock. Some unkind remarks at the breakfast table, destroyed all my pleasure for this day. What slight causes, produce sorrow to the unoffending!!
Mr Fisher, called on me; I was not dressed, and was obliged to come down rather in too much haste. He was very agreeable in conversation, and spoke of the anticipated sale of the church by the “Parade ground”. I took a stroll in Broadway after dinner,the street was so thronged, that we could scarcely get along.
This mild air tempts all ages to walk out.
Julie is a poor walker, and nothing but a “new doll” could tempt her to go with me.
G. very distraught to night.