106_Page 104Sunday. 22. nd. of January. 1843.
A mild spring day.

This beautifull weather surprises
us, by long continuard [sic]; here is another bright sun.shine, with an atmosphere truly charming.
We took all our children to Church.
This was Remsen’s first trial of Church disapline [sic], and the little fellow behaved himself very well, composeing himself to sleep on my lap before the sermon was over.
Louis, made less noise than usual.
Our Sermon was from the text “Christ Makes
us free, we are free indeed.” I could not enjoy it as much as usual, haveing an anxiety for the children.
I went alone in the afternoon.
Mr H. went out, and did not return untill near six oclock.
I did not ask him where he went.
We spent our evening in the basement, Mr H. reading
to me Josephus. I was very sleepy, and loss much of
the story.