107_Page 105Tuesday. 24. th. of January. 1843.
A medley to day, rain, snow, wind and sun.shine.
But not a storm as we anticipated, last night.

Navigation free to Albany.
The weather keeps me at home to.day.
I like this compulsion sometimes, as there are many duties to be performed, which must be neglected, if the mistress of a family spends too much time in the streets.
Simon, cleaning the third story bed.rooms. I must keep  him employed, altho it is difficult to keep the three servants distinct in their several departments. The dust blows sadly to.day. In the evening the wind was high, persons could scarcely keep their feet, and we apprehended sea disasters on the coast.
Purchased lace to trim Cap. 25. cts. Cap springs 1. shilling. Elastics. 10 pence. Combs. 14. cts.