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108_Page 106Thursday.26. th. January. 1843.

Still cold, but more tranquil than the two past days. I was engaged all the morning around the house.
Sent Bridget, with a comfortable to the house of Industry. A pint of Cologne water from Lewis & Louis. Maria came in, I walked down Broadway with her, but met very few ladies promenadeing. Julia, received a long letter from “Dr Wicks.” It was beautifully expressed, and I only regret her inability to answer his epistles, in the style they deserve, or even in any style. She does not write yet, and just begins to make rude figures on the slate. Louis, gets on better in figures than she. I had a dreadfull pain in my back to.night, rubbed myself with a coarse towel, and cologne. Take a tumbler of beer every nite, and eat three biscuits. It destroys my appetite for breakfast in some measure, but perhaps it is for the best, as the buckwheat cakes are too tempting. The children eat very heartily of cakes, and Juile, will not stop untill my mandate goes forth. Mr H. does not enjoy them always.