111_Page 109Sunday. 29, th. January. 1843.

A beautifull, bright day. Not a cloud in the sky, the air cool and pure.

We went to Church in the morning. Mr Fisher gave us an excellent discourse on “approaching the gates of heaven”, but not pressing in, to obtain the reward. Garret, went with me to the funeral, we did not see the sisters, but heard their grief, and lamentations. I went to the Church. to witness the ceremony, and there looked for the last time on the coffin holding the body of one, whos spirit was now in heaven. The chants over this sad ceremony, did not please me, they were not solemn enough for my feelings. The —course of mourners very very large, and the body was placed in the Johns burying st johnsground. Thus as evening light, was consigned to the dark, cold tomb this mouldering body all that was left of fair, young, beautiful Andrew Onderdonk.