112_Page 110Monday. 30. th of January. 1843.

A beautifull clear, bright, cool day; not winter, although the gutters are full of ice.

Catharine, staid with us last night, haveing escorted me home from the Church. Julie met her at the door with “how do you my dear little Caty.” After breakfast we proposed a visit to Mrs Hutton, but did not find her at home, and as the morning was delight- full for walking I attempted to get up to Chelsea, thinking it nothing from her house. But I was mistaken and gave out at fourteenth st, jumped in a stage, and was handed out by Mr Witzer. When I sat down at mothers a faintness came over me from fatigue, but it passed over, after taking camphor, I was provoked at haveing gone up to Chelsea, as it was only nonsense at the best. Eugene escorted me home, and spent the day. Julie, was not in the least fatigued. I passed the afternoon and evening as usual, but felt rather dull and stiff. Mr H, smoked a “very long cigar” given him by “Luther,” whose bill he has just paid up to this date. He also paid Mrs Bloodgood off to this date. What a charming thing to have a husband always punctual in the discharge of his debts; and never disputing or querelling with trades people. Maria, came in to.day as usual, my comfortable house would be a great loss to the family, and it is fortunate Mr H. is not of a niggardly disposition. Had the boys shoes mended to.day, their toes are very penetrating. Mr H. read Josephus. to night, but I prepared for bed early. He enquired the reason, but I did not give him an account of my sickness in the morning, thinking it of no avail to introduce the subject.