114_Page 112Thursday. 2.nd. of February. 1843.

A cold morning, wind very blustering.


4 Sept 1839

I was aroused from my sleep this morning by a loud ring at the bell, and distinguished the voice of Maria Hasbrouck, addressing the children. Garret, would scarcely credit me, when I mentioned the fact. I dressed hurriedly, and hastened down stairs to welcome my guests; found M., Dr Wicks, and Helen sitting around the fire. The children were delighted to see them, and made a great rejoicing. The girls went out to shop after breakfast, and did not return un-
till dinner hour; they were cold, and exhausted when they came home. They all went to the Bowery Theatre to see Mrs Shaws.
“Ton”, were much disappointed and half frozen in the bargain.
I sat up for them untill near one oclock, at two we retired to bed.
Garret, very complaining, a singular disease, seems to pervade
his system, producing numbness. He diets, and takes medicine.


1845 – Bowery Theater