115_Page 113Saturday. 4.th. February. 1843.

A pleasant day, quite mild.

I was rejoiced to see this moderate sky, for the sake of our friends, as the city is a cold place, in cold weather. Dr Wicks, took his sister to Williamsbugh to dine. I went out to shop with Maria, she presented me an inside handkerchief. We walked a short distance in Broadway. Met Mrs Phelps, looking very well. In the evening we all went up to Chelsea, spent a pleasant evening. Met Isabella, and Mary Remsen. Helen and her brother sang very sweetly together, she looked very pretty indeed. We had a pleasant ride home; poor Sis fell asleep in the stage. Maria L. has a cold and did not look as well as usual. Aunt Cate, made herself very agreable [sic], and received a compliment from Dr W. G. was asleep when we returned, I did not get to bed untill near twelve oclock. The girls, have a snug wood fire in their bed.room. The river closed again to.night, Boats cannot get farther than Piermont, to the rail.road depot. Alas poor girls!!!