116_Page 114Monday. 6.th. February. 1843.

Excessively cold, the wind still high.

We all shivered with the cold to.day, and altho’ we built large fires, our rooms were not warm. Our plans to ride around the city, and go down to see Isabell, were abandoned as the cold was too intense. Dr Wicks, ascertained the unwelcome news of the rivers having closed Saturday night, nearly the whole distance. This fact startled the girls, and they concluded to go up by rail.road. Mr H. wished to keep Maria, but she found it difficult to part from Helen. He gave her a real “Set down”, for her imprudence in exposeing herself in this inclement season, as it gives us great anxiety to get her safe home, and we fear the consequences. A journey like theirs might appal [sic] stronger minds than theirs. We remained at home all day, and I suppose the girls found it stupid enough. G. would not allow us to go either to the Museum, or Circus, he is not at all desirous to make his house too agreable [sic]. I am obliged to smooth over all his asperities, to make things agreable [sic] to my guests.