117_Page 115Tuesday. 7. th. February. 1843.

A bitter cold morning; wind blowing hurricanes of snow.

We had our breakfast early to.day; and at half past eight bid our friends adieu. I felt sad to see them set off on such a cold, long jaunt. Maria in particular. Mt H. put the three children in the slay [sic], and when they returned a half an hour after, they were all crying with cold, their feet almost frozen. Even the driver, said his hands were frozen; the weather is so intensely cold. My fears will not be at rest untill, I hear of their safe arrival in Marble town. Poor Maria, I am afraid will suffer from cold, and fatigue. I consoled myself by attending to my housekeeping affairs; and cleering [sic] out my little “pet pantry.” Then took up this medly [sic] of “good and evil,” to add the passing events of the day.