117_Page 115Wednesday. 8th. February. 1843.

A very cold day, but rather more moderate at noon. The wind entirely subsided, and calm. My day was spent in household affairs. Went to the Tabernacle in the evening; and did not suffer much from cold, the pavements very slippery; all a glaze of ice
Laughed immodestly at “Colonel Stones” reply to Mr Neal, on “the political rights of women.” It was a fair piece of irony, and well revived by the people. “[Park] Benjamin”, the poet also addressed the ladies, but was rather tedious. His voice was sweet,
and his face handsome, but his figure deformed.
My dreams to night were unpleasant, the shock of haveing my new carpet burnt, troubled me greatly in my dreams. The rest was unprofitable to me, and I awoke unrefreshed, by these slumbers, too soon to be realized.
Eugene, played and sung his songs for me to.day.