119_Page 117Friday. 10.th. of February. 1843.
A dull, overcast day, no light, or warm sun shine.
An appearance of more snow, on the top of that, which fills our streets and yards at present.  Mr. H. remained at home this morning to take some salts. He appears much better, and begins to look himself, although dieting has taken off his flesh. Pa called in this morning, he looks fat, and hearty. I finished my chemise to.day, good luck to it. Dined on oysters on two o’clock. G went to the store. I sent a note to Chelsea, with a shawl for C.
My bed room is cold, the water freezes every night, and we have hard work to keep ourselves warm. I should turn to a “pyramid of ice”, were it not for
my inestimable bed.fellow. Spent the evening in the basement, Garret reading aloud “Josephus”