120_Page 118Monday. 13.th. of February. 1843.

A fall of snow in the night. Moderate.
Cleaned our parlours this morning. Julie &
I assisted Simon in dusting. Gave Simon a reproofs for keeping his room so dirty; he has some great faults. Wrote a note to C. to inquire after them all; sent her a tumbler of honey. Remsen, made happy by a new pair of shoes Did not send Simon up to Chelsea to.day, defered [sic] it until to.morrow.
Mr. H. thinks he will move his store, the rent is so high. Prospects for business are more gloomy than ever this winter, G. thinks all hope extinct at present. He is usually sanguine, but now talks very despondingly so that I am quite melancholy myself on reflection. Our daily expenses are  very great, and although we economize in many things,
still there is a constant drain on the purse. I should like to discharge one of our servants, if I possibly could; but do not know which to spare.