121_Page 119Tuesday. 14.teenth of February.1843.
A deep snow storm, through the night.
The clouds still full of this necessary article.
A moderate atmosphere, not near as cold, as the last great snow.storm, the greatest of the season. We get up more punctual than formerly, at half past seven. Garret, looks, and feel much better, he has given up dieting, but drinks nothing exciteing. I cleaned out my little “pot pantry,” and washed all the China, Bridget assisted me. I broke a custard cup. “unfortunately!!
Remmy, was one cause of the accident. I cannot decide which to do this morning, whether to read, sew, or play on the piano. Mr H. gets before me in “Josephus”, as he often reads, while I am called off by some household duty, this makes a confusion in my brain, and will compel me to read them over myself. I wish to gain a clear view of this ancient history. Sent Simon up to Chelsea, he returned with a “Valentine,” for himself, and one for “Sis.” both written by “Aunt Cate.”Mr H. did not get up to dinner, untill we had all finished. He received a minute account from “Dr Wicks,” of their tedious journey home, which they accomplished after three days delay. They were all well, but fatigued with the over exertion haveing spent one night in the stage, rideing.
I was relieved to hear from them, and hope no bad consequences will result to Maria from this exposure. We hear our next door house is to be inhabited, this spring, this isvintage_valentine_card_1840_print-ra486ecbadbff48999cf99e84bc994630_aimfu_8byvr_512 good news. They are French people.
Sewed all the evening, and G. went on with Josephus. The clouds are full of snow, and occasionally sprinkle down a few [flurries] on our devoted heads.
I am very chilly, and look any thing but interesting. Was obliged to whip Remsen to.day, he grows tall and unruly. I must inspire him with fear, or he will master the whole house.