122_Page 120Wednesday.15.teenth. February. 1843.

Snow. falling incessantly through the night, and
still silently wrapping all things in its shroud.
I was not willing to jump up this morning, as my rest had been disturbed by chills, through the night. Concluded not to let G beat me and so started for the basement. The children all up; in great glee; we attribute their freedom from colds this winter, from haveing slept without fire in their nursery. Julie, says her lessons very well, now her mind is not disturbed by company, or “runners in”, so troublesome to the rules of family method.
I did not go down to the Lecture, the walking was too slippery, Mr H. remained at home with me reading aloud; he was so overcome with sleep, as to be unable to keep up, and went off to bed at eight oclock.