122_Page 120Thursday. 16. tenth. February. 1843.

A very cold day, snow and ice, all the go.
Eugene spent the morning with us singing for our
amusement, and his own improvement.
I walked out with Garret, after dinner; was almost perished, the air was so keen, and piercing. Left my old mosaic pin to be mended. Met Mrs Hutton, spoke to her, she smiled sweetly. Also encountered another old friend, looking very handsome. Time, and disappointment have not destroyed his good looks, or broken his heart!! Yet I doubt not many hours of regret, and sorrow have mingled their bitter drop in his cup of pleasure.
I returned home full of old time scenes, and almost an icicle. A letter from Dr Jake to night, all well in Marble Town. This is a very cold night, the water freezes very hard in our bed room, and I do not pretend to sleep warm.
Chills, race down my back all nigh, my head ached all night, and
other “untoward events,” kept me from resting well.