124_Page 121Saturday. 18. teenth. of February. 1843.

Cold, but clear. Snow still covering everything
without, and chilling the air within.
My thirty-fourth birth day.
I laid in bed untill ten this morning to keep
quiet, and warm if possible; could not succeed in
the latter exertion. When I came down stairs found
all cleared away, and no breakfast put by for me.
Was disappointed at not getting a nice cup of coffee.
Had some tea, and toast. Children all kissed me for
good. morning, and were glad to see me down stairs.
I do not feel willing to celebrate my birth.day, as the years slip away too fast, and bring me too far on the road; to make it a joyful season, or one of congratulation.

Julie, lies full length on the rug, yawning, and gapeing,
and studying her lessons.

This is called the coldest day of the season, but we do
find it so, in our house.