126_Page 124Wennesday [sic]. 22. nd. of February. 1843.

The birth day of the “Immortal Washington.”
One hundred and thirteen years have elapsed since his brave spirit was sent, to set the “captive free”. The sun arose mild, and clear this morning, but dull clouds soon discharged a fresh supply of snow on our resigned heads. It does not threaten us very severely, as the mild air turns it all to water as it falls. Julie, has a fine time for her studies, we fine “geography”very amuseing; and she has a quick retentive memory for those things. It gives me an opportunity of rubbing up my old and sometimes forgotten studies.
Sent a note to Chelsea by Simon, he has so little to do that I often send him up to inquire after mother, as the weather prevents me from going in person. Snowing, quite fast at present, the air mild, and quite reviving, after the freezing temperature of the past three weeks. Let no one suspect winter over, untill February has paid us her respects. She has made us “stand round” this season at least, and altho! “short, does not intend to be sweet.” Water did not freeze in our room yesterday.
I slept warm last night, the first time in three weeks, and therefore think it worthy to be noted down.