127_Page 125Friday. 24. th of February. 1843.

Moderate atmosphere, but terrible walking.
I sat down to a very unromantic piece of business this morning, mending a pair of unmentionables for G. Walked up to see “Mrs Van Zant”, in Amity Street.
They were all well, and clever as in days of yore. Met Mrs Hoyt, a lady whom ten years ago I met in Norwalk. Had a little chat with Mrs Schieffelin, she is as rough as ever. Heard from Sara Baily that Josephine had a young son, five weeks old, and was doing well. Spent my afternoon before the fire, very lazy from eating a hearty dinner. Mr H. read me a asleep in the evening. Sewing fatigues me very much, but I do not have much to do just now.