130_Page 128 Wednesday. March. 1. st. 1843.
The first day of spring.
A fickle sky, cold and blustering.
Garret, set off early this morning for Jersey, it was very cold when he left home.
I took a fine nap before breakfast, haveing been disturbed in my slumbers.
Did not stir out to.day, sat at home reading. Wrote a long letter to Maria Hasbrouck; it gave me the back.ache.
Sent Simon to Chelsea to hear from mother, all were well but Maria, who I fear exposed herself at Confirmation at Sunday last. She looks miserably pale and sallow.
Took a fine bath to night, read all the evening untill my eyes ached. My judgement bewildered, between Dr Barnes, and Bishop Onderdonk’s opinions. I can not decide which has the right side of the argument, as “scripture texts” up hold both. I never knew before the exact foundation of the Episcopal or Presbyterian Churches. And find myself shamefully ignorant on these important subjects. Altho a member of the Dutch church, I can not define the doctrines distinctly. I intend to study a little on these matters; if possible to select for myself a Church, altho! my religious principles I trust are not to be shaken by out ward forms. Mr H. has no preference, therefore a double duty devolves(1) on me, to choose if possible a safe course.

Catherine Shanely, told me of her marriage to.day. it took place last Thursday evening. James Lynch, her husband, wished it kept a secret, but she very wisely makes it public. She is an unhappy bride, and already regrets the step she has taken.
(1) devolves: transfer power to a lower level