132_Page 130Monday. 6. th. of March. 1843.

Another bright, sharp day, wind blowing hurricanes.
I sent Julie up to spend the day with her grandmother, Simon escorted her. She was not very anxious to go, but I sent her off. The boys both crying to go with her. I must try and get up to see mother myself to.day. Set off after dinner with the two boys, and Bridget, for nineteenth street, our ride was not cold. Mr H. put us in the stage; and offered to come up for me altho! I did not expect him. We spent a pleasant afternoon, and returned home by nine. Remsen fell asleep, but Louis was in fine spirits. Maria, still an invalid; she looks yellow and thin. Pa, and Ma, are the only hearty members of the family; The others are thin, and miserable looking with the exception of David & Ferdinand. Mary Remsen called in.