133_Page 131Thursday. 9.th. March. 1843.
A mild, beautiful day.
The walking has become quite dry, the past two days unless in crossing.
Catharine came in early, to pass the day. I sent a note to Isabella, to meet us at tea.hour; which she did with her usual affectionate promlitude (1). Eugene, also dined with us. We walked together in Broadway, and met some belles. Bell came early with Ferdinand, and we had a pleasant evening together. Capt Pell, and wife, spent the evening with us.
She looked sweetly as usual. It was her farewell visit, previous to her going in the country.
I took a “Seidbets powder”, to day and drank g___d. My face burns, and feel terribly unpleasant just now. It looks very badly also; and I would willingly try any remedy to make it only tolerable. My appetite is good but I do not indulge in any thing rich, or heating. Mr H. does not wish me to take any remedies, but leave all to nature; he does not enter into my views of the subject, but thinks it a trifle; a sad thing for me, this dispensation of
Providence, but I endeavor to submit. Julie, sang for the company, but not well by Eugene’s accompaniment.

(1)promptitude: carried out or performed without delay: a prompt reply