135_Page 133Sunday. 12.th. March. 1843.
A fine mild day.
I went to Church twice, at noon took Louis he did
not behave himself well, not being thoroughly impressed with the solemnity of the place.
Our sermon in the morning “On the duties of Parents”, a most excellent discourse, as we are all too inefficient in our conduct in forcing on our children a pious education; and often need
reminding of our solemn responsibility. We spent our evening at home. G. reading Josephus.
Remsen fell asleep on my lap, and occasioned
a troublesome, and unpleasant scene. The sky over cast to.night.
The Comet(1) invisible. The “great Western” mild to day.
(1)The Great Comet of 1843 was a long-period Great_Comet_of_1843comet which became very bright in March 1843 (it is also known as the Great March Comet). It was discovered on February 5, 1843 and rapidly brightened to become a great comet.