139_Page 137Saturday. 25. th. March. 1843.

A changeing day form sunshine to snow, and back again to sunshine at noon. I dressed to-day for the first time in ten days, haveing kept on my double gown all this time.
Mother, and Maria paid me a visit, Eugene came in also. Mother, looks remarkable well so fair and fleshy. Maria, has recovered her good looks in a measure. They left at two o’clock. Garret, came in looking quite pale, he complains of cold in his head. Had called on Mr Anelli, saw Mrs A. and the pictury. I thought of sending the children to see her, but a flurry of snow kept them at home.
They amused themselves eating apples, and playing in the street. I held a long talk with Catherine, about her truant beau, he does not treat her with the least affection, or even decent
attention. Poor Soul, she has completely sacrificed herself; and feels quite miserably about it. I must talk to him on the subject. Mr Brown took his picture home to.night. Julie’s old dress with new sleeves came home, a Brown Apron for me.