140_Page 138Sunday.26.th March. 1843

A bright clear, cold atmosphere.
The streets still full of snow banks. Mr Hasbrouck, was seized with a very heavy cold last evening, scarcely closeing his eyes through the past night. A burning pain in his head, teeth, and breast gave
him little chance to rest. He took remedies this morning, drinking plentifully of gruel; and felt rather better at night.
I am quite free from my old pains, and jumped out of bed this morning when the bell rang. Did not venture out, sat reading, and museing all day.
G. went to bed early, I promised to follow him, but Catherine the cook, came in to have a talk about her husband, who had just left her. They will always be an unhappy couple; from the facts which she relates to me. “Garret ate heartily to night” Our coal just out.