140_Page 138Monday. 27. th. March. 1843.

A mild snow storm, which probably will
terminate in rain. Spring is very tardy and
every thing around bears the impress of winter.
Garret, feels better this morning, went down to
his store. I feel very anxious about his health, it
seems extremely delicate; this winder, and storing.
Warm weather I hope will renovate his system.
Gave Bridget two aprons to make of calico for me.
Took off my double gown, dressed myself.
Have finished to day my first bottle of sarsaparilla.
Do not suffer myself to eat meat, or anything rich; it is two weeks since a mouthful has passed my lips; of meat I mean. My appetite is very good.
A Ton of coal to day. G. gave me two dollars this morning. Sent for oysters, to dine on; They were not fresh.