143_Page 141Thursday.30.th. March. 1843.
Mild, and Spring like day. No wind, [to] or dust to mar the bright scene.
Simon washed the third story windows. I walked out, my first appearance in three weeks . The air, and exercise was truly agreable. Went a short distance in Broadway, Purchased two pair of Mitts, and one pair buff gloves.
Played an hour on the piano; recalled my old tunes. The children went out with Bridget.
Spoke to both Bridget, and Simon, about their dilatory(1) habits. Intend to arise at seven oclock; Simon must mend his habits, he is a lazy fellow in the morning, and does not ring the Bell with any degree of regularity.
Mr H. came home to dinner pale, and much
fatigued. Took Louis to the tailors to get measured for his Brown cloth plaid trousers, all the children went along.
I thought of going out, but gave it up thinking it best to be
prudent, as my cold is getting quite well.
Complexion troublesome as usual, I am almost in despair.
Mr H. spent his evening out with Mr Lockwood.
I sat along reading, and thinking over matters, and things, in
general. We talked over our expected visitors. G does not relish
their company.                   A lovely dream, short but sweet.

(1) dilatory- slow to act