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143_Page 141Friday. 31. st. March. 1843.
Clouded, damp, rain at hand.
The snow has almost disappeared from our streets. The bell rang at seven, this morning, and wonderful to relate, Garret, jumped out without coaxing.
I arranged my draws this morning.
Simon, washing the second story windows.  This is the last day of March, and to. morrow we have our April-fool day, “Julie’s birth day.”


There are a great many exciteing things or at least have been the past month. The comet, the earth-quake, murder of Carliss,
144_Page 142Millerite [Mauides], the unusual long winter, and other events, have rendered this a remarkably March. Business is still very dull, the river still closed to Newburg,
A steam.boat, left last night for ALbany, or as far as she could proceed. Another warm rain will clear the navigation, I hope, for the sake of “Mon Marie.”
Garret, did not go to the store after dinner, read the news for me. We spent our evening in the basement. Mr Brown, came in to tell us, we could not get the picture from Mrs [Donton]; she would not sell it. I had another long talk with Catherine, her husband left her quite angry and must be a terrible fellow.

A loud ring at the Bell, and a short letter from
Maria Hasbrouck. She informs us that Margaret(1) has a young daughter, and both are well. And of her intention to visit us while having her teeth set. I dread the operation, and would give twenty dollars
to have it all over. My mind this spring, has been
terribly worried by other people & arrangements.
There is one sound of trouble at home, enough to employ
my time, and patience, without haveing foreign ad-
ditions, but fate has clouded our tranquil home; and
G, and I know not how to submit to the imposition.
Mr H brought me, one yd. lawn, piece of blue ribbon
for Miss Julie, and one yd. in__tain

March leaves us to day it came on like a Lion
and leaves us in the same humour.

(1) Margaret Rymph- Married Jan 1, 1839 to Benjamin Louis Hasbrouck, Garret’s brother. Catharine M. is the daughter.