145_Page 143April.1. st. Saturday. 1843. 57. Van Dam. St. N.Y.
Raining fast all the morning.
Damp, unpleasant air.
This month commences in a truly  characteristic manner, smiles and tears are the order of the day. The bright sun shines out this afternoon, and dissipates  the stormy clouds of the morning.
Julie, could not spend the day with her grandmother, This is her seventh birth.day.
She had Indian cakes, and other choice articles to celebrate the event at home. It appears all a dream, that so many years have gone over our heads, and that the scarce liveing infant, should now be matured to a fine healthy girl. Providence, has blessed us indeed in our children, and we should never forget these mercies and endeavor to sow the good seed in our children’s hearts.

I have a slight hoarseness, and fear another cold.
Took a Seidbets powder, this morning. Indian Balsam also.
Wrote a long letter to Maria Hasbrouck.
Have not been able to accomplish the task before.
Mr H. made us all “Fools” to day, I could not
catch him, must try this evening. He came home to dine,
but went down again; calls this a “Blue week.” It must be
dull if he complains, dull enough! to dampen his courage.
I have taken quite a musical turn, and committed
one, or two of my pieces to memory.
My palate quite sore: to. night, when I went to bed.
I took the Indian Balsam, and some honey.
Garrets remedy, did not suit me exactly, too speedy.