147_Page 145Tuesday. 4. th. April. 1843.

Damp, and misty air, sky overcast.
We had a great fright this morning; our kitchen chimney, took fire and burnt terribly. I laid in bed trembling; till all was over. An immense quantity of dirt fell down the chimney. It had not been swept lately. Had our breakfast cooked in the basement.
My cold troublesome, breast rather sore, and head much affected, but I do not complain, fearing to exhaust my sympathies. Danced with Julie; and practiced the Piano. Mrs Newby, sat an hour, with me, she has grown thin from trouble, and sickness. Her daughter left a widow, with five helpless children, to return to her father’s house, who can ill afford to keep her. I did not walk out to.day; but wished to very much. Mr H. read for me in the evening.
Catherines [servant] mother in law Mrs Lynch
took tea with her; she is a [clever], smart woman. I had an in-
terview with her, and think much better of James.
Mr H. spent his evening with me, at ten oclock we retired.
G. brought home six cambric pocket handkerchief’s for himself.
I sewed on my linen garments, until my back.ached.
Paid the Sun carrier.