148_Page 146Thursday. 6. th. April. 1843.

A bright warm spring day, at last.
I sent Julie up to her Grandmothers, with Simon, she went off in high glee.
Bridget, left to visit her sister, who is dangerously ill, expecting to be confined.
Bell, came up for me to walk out with her, she proposed a call on Miss Wittingham, who opens her spring fashions to.day. We sat there an hour admiring her beautiful bonnets, and the ladies who came in to select. Met Mrs Glover; and Miss Burgoyne.
I went in to see Mrs Anelli, sat only a few moments, their house was very cold, and I was fearful of adding to my complaint. We talked about the “Holy Family”, they were both as clever as they could be. The air blew damp on my return, I felt a little fearfull of its blasts. Trimmed my green silk apron. Played on the Piano.