148_Page 146Friday. 7. th. April. 1843. 57. van dam st. N.Y.
Bright, and clear sky, not very mild.
Little Remsen’s fourth birth.day.
He is a beautifull child, fat, rosy, with dark expres sive eyes, and long light curling hair flowing over his shoulders. With this beauty of person, he unites many good qualities, and has never given us any trouble; is affectionate, and docile in disposition, and full of fun, and frolic.



I had promised the boys a ride up to their 149_Page 147grandmother’s, but Bridget did not get home, and C. had no time to go with them. They made me gochildren21 in Broadway with them, so I was obliged to comply with their request.
Remsen, behaved like a little man, and enjoyed his birthday very much.
The air was chilly to me, and blew quite strong.
I purchased some lace to make a morning cap, 2 shil. 6. d.
Brown ribbon for Apron 10.d.
Mr H. brought me “one dozen kid gloves, they were all too large, so he took them down to the store. A new pair of stone coloured pants, came home for Mr H. I sewed in the evening.
G. walked out to enjoy the lovely moonlight.