150_Page 148Monday. 10.th. April. 1843.
The wind, and dust are insupportable to.day.
Clouds fickle, and cold; not at all agreable, to
my taste. The sun breaks fault at intervals.

We arise at seven, and I find it a good plan, as the morning work is soon over with.
I stir around quite brisk and find myself improveing. The boys little or no trouble. I altered Louis pants, practiced my music, and took a short walk. Enjoyed my dinner, ate pancakes. G. complaining of his old complaint, pain on his left shoulder; he will never have good health, or look well, untill he gives up tobacco. This poisons
his whole system, destroys the tone of his stomach, and makes him pale, and miserable.
No news from Julie to.day. Bought three hooples [sic] to.day. 1.$.