152_Page 150Thursday. 13. teenth. April. 1843.

A fine Spring day. Rain at night. We arise early, and breakfast much sooner than we formerly did. I like early hours; as it give me so much time to look over my affairs and get through the drudgery of housekeeping. I work around, and find myself much better for the excitement. “Mr De puy”. dined unexpectedly with us to.day. Our dinner was slight, but good, “Oysters and Pancakes”. A Mrs Redding, and her niece, called in pressing us all to return her visit. “I shall decline the honour” Went with “Mrs De Puy”, to Mr Parmely’s. a disagreable [sic] office for me to perform; but how could I refuse Mr H!! he wishes me to chaperone him. Mr P. very kind, and agreable. It rained on our return, we sat there some time waiting for the Mr P. who sets teeth. I went to bed much fatigued, and slept soundly. G. ______ me with whisky, and I amused him with an account of the visit. Mrs Lynch, has a friend staying with her, she wants a place, but her teeth do not suit my fancy. She appears very clever, but I think something smaller would suit me better. Paid the Herald man to.day. 50 cts. Made a cap of blue ruche and figured Lace. Bought two pink rosettes for my cap. 25 cts. I still take the “Indian Balsam,” but think it does not perform all the wonders it promises. The eruption remains about the same, troublesome, burning, and sealing off. My appetite is miserable, and my stomach not as strong as I could wish. I hope it will not turn out a Hum. Bug; it certainly does nothing yet to recommend it, as infallible.