153_Page 151Good Friday, April 14.teenth. 1843.

A settled rain, very mild. We are all prevented from going out to.day. I sent up to Chelsea for Julie’s clothes. Put the children under the care of “Hannah Lynch.” They are much more trouble since Julie’s return. She makes all the mischief. Mr H. remained at home after dinner, the rain fell in torrents. He amused himself after his own fashion, teasing both the children and my. self; a regular row ensued and poor Louis, could not resist shedding a few tears. A French substitute, this morning, American or Irish servants preferable to French.

Saturday. 15. tenth. April. 1843.

The spring showers still continue, the grass looks quite green, and fresh in our yard.
The steamboat Diamond reached this city from Albany, yesterday morning, with five hundred passengers.” “The first arrival this season through the course”, without delay. Ice, still floats in great quantities. Bridget; came home this morning. Remsen was delighted to see her. I left off my “old double gown’, much to Louis delight, and put on a light dress. Julie, commenced pieceing [sic] a quiet for Catherine, the cook. to.day. The boys would persist in playing out although the air, and streets were still damp. The Fog was very thick to.night, boats could not pass, the Ferrys. I sat and sewed an hour, this evening, then washed in cold water, to strengthen my system.