154_Page 152Sunday. 16. April. 1843.

Easter Sunday. A thick mist untill [sic] noon, when the sun shone out as warm as summer. Fires were uncomfortable. I did not go to Church, not feeling able to bear the damp air. Took a walk with Garret, and felt really unpleasant, beneath the warm rays of the sun. Was too much fatigued to get up to Church. Bridget, took Louis, and Julie to “Barclay Street Church.” Remsen, coughs, and has a bad cold. Mr H. went to hear Mr Fisher in the morning, said the Church was damp, and without Fire; to dry the air. “A duplicate to.day” No Indian Balsam” better without in some respects. My complaint decidedly improving. Appetite poor, but stomach in better order. Engaged Ellen, as cook at 6$.