154_Page 152Monday. 17. April. 1843.

Mild rain; commenced falling in the night. I find it hard work to jump, when the bell rings, was particularly wearied this morning. Did not rest very well. Spring weather will soon burst upon us in all its beauty, we must not complain of the debility it produces, as this will soon pass way. I intend trying Fresh air, and moderate exercise daily. Gave Remsen oil for his cold, he took it manfully; and is a dear little curly headed rogue. We could not get out, as the rain continued falling. Some chills passed over me to.day, filling me with apprehensions of a fresh cold. I do not like to exhaust the sympathies of my friends, by complaining too much. Mr H. had a pain in his side, or breast to.day, was very pale at dinner. My face much improved the balsam may cure it, in spite of my doubts.