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155_Page 153Tuesday. 18. tenth. April. 1843.

Rain falling in torrents, cold and unpleasant. My fears yesterday were not unfounded a terrible cold in my head attacking me this morning, giving me a bit of the Blues. For the past six weeks, I have been scarcely free from cold, and think myself more delicate this spring; than usual. The weather seems to affect me, as I am very carefull [sic] in dress, and exposure. Taught Julie her lessons. Practiced an hour on the Piano. Mr H, came home to dinner, gave me five dollars for pin money. I sat alone untill [sic] ten oclock this evening. Mr H. passing the evening with some boon companions. My thoughts were of the past.

Wednesday. 19. teenth April. 1843.

Damp, clouded sky, showers occasionally. Sun Shine at noon. Lilac. buds, just beginning to swell, on our bushes. Remsen, almost recovered from his cold, but I am still a martyr to mine, fear it will fall on my chest. Had the piano tuned. paid 150 cts. “One ton of coal to.day” Fresh butter, the first this season. A seidbets powder this morning, to drive away my cold. This damp air fills me with apprehensions. Gave some shoes, and old clothes to my little beggar boys. Mr H. borrowed my pin money; I did not care as I was unfit to go out to spend it. Ferdinand took tea with us to.night, a wonderful exertion for him. Mr H. did not dine at home, and took oysters for his supper; I was afraid to join in eating them. He brought home Julie s’ album.