156_Page 154Friday. 21. st of April. 1843.

A lovely summers day, at last; almost too oppressive in the sun. We all felt charmed this morning to see this delightful weather. My cold was laid on the shelf, and I set out for a gala. day. Dressed early, but before setting out on my travels, Maria came in, pale and miserable. Mrs Purdy, and Mrs Halsey called to see me. I went down Broadway with Maria, she looked at silks, and cardinals, to get the fashion. At the park, jumped in a stage and rode to Chelsea. In getting out of the stage, I slipped and strained my foot; but thought little of it at the time. Met Mrs Van Nest, at mothers; and Mrs Vradrenberg, also. Sat untill dinner, found Mr H. awaiting my arrival, lieing on the sofa. The warm weather overcomes him. Mr Vradenber, and C. took tea with me, Sis entertained them with her songs….

157_Page 155Mr H, did not come home to tea, and spent the evening out. Simon also was from home, so that “James Lynch”, had to escort them to a stage. I regretted it should have happened so, being an unusual affair in our family. I rubbed my food with whisky before going to bed, and suffered considerable pain in the ankle joint, after rubbing the part affected. Had a nervous chill, and was quite un- happy untill I forgot all my troubles in a sweet sleep. Told Mr H. I would cry, as that always relieves me.