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158_Page 156Sunday. 23. d of April. 1843.

Showers all the day, mild and spring like atmosphere. Mr H. had a bad cold, and took remedies, did not venture out. I was also prevented from going to Church, and remained at home with the children. Our Servants all out to.day. I put the little ones, to bed, they are no trouble.
Monday. 24.th April. 1843.

A warm, clear day. Showers at noon. I went out early with Julie, put on my cloak, and velvet bonnet, was uncomfortably warm. We looked at some elegant Cardinals at Stewerts; and silks for dresses. Had a tiresome walk home. Marie, spent the day with us. I walked part of the way home with her. Cath. sick with cold, and rheumatism. Bought oysters for dinner.

Tuesday 25th April 1843.

A lovely, cool day. Julie, went with me to see Mrs Anelli, she was all in confusion preparing to move on Thursday. Mr A. showed me the picture, I have long wished to possess, and I am more delighted than ever, with the subject. I prefer it to any thing he has in his rooms. The Madonna is beautifull, and the infant Jesus lovely. Eugene, spent the day with us. Isabella, sat two hours entertaining me, she has moved, and likes her new lodgings. I purchased a pair of shoes at Millers. 9. shillings. Sent our sofa cushion to get restuffed, and made new.