159_Page 157j.pgWednesday. 26.th. April. 1843.

“Smiles, and tears,” Sunshine, and Rain.
I awake at 6.oclock these fine mornings. Trimmed my pea green bonnet over this morning, intending to go out the rain keeps me home. Must do up all my odds, and ends to.day. My sewing sadly behind hand. The increase of my family keeps me constantly agitated. I dislike confusion or noise. Expect to have enough of it the next three months. Emptied my closet, and put all my bed.linen in order. Put all my draws in order also, a tedious mornings work; but happily over with.
Thursday. 27. th. April. 1843.

A fine bright day, quite warm. Mr H. arose very early this morning, it was so very lovely. I went out with Julie, to purchase her a dress, we stopped in at Stewerts, found nothing to suit. Felt the heat on our return home, sun oppressive. G. presented me Mrs Ellis new work, the “wives of England.”


Friday. 28.th April. 1843.

A beautifull clear summers day, the buds all putting out, their foliage, and leaves Sarah_Stickney_Ellisjumping into existence. I took a long walk after breakfast to Park.Place, in pursuit of a bonnet, find them too much trimmed, or too slight for my
taste. Shopped on my return home. The heat overcame me very much indeed. Read Mrs Ellis “Wives of England.”  Her advice comes too late I am afraid for me; ten years ago it might have altered my affairs, now all is over. Mr H. did not dine at home to.day; he returned to a late supper of oysters. I joined him in his repose.