160_Page 158Saturday.29. th. April 1843.

A fine, clear morning, but cold, and clouded at four oclock … I arose very early this morning, left G. in bed to rest himself, after the fatigues of yesterday. Gave Julie her lessons. Dressed for a walk. Sent Louis to have his hair cut. Took his two teeth out yesterday. Henry came in at eleven, sat until dinner time. I sent a note to poor C. who is still complaining of a cold, Wish for the power of relieving her, and amuseing her mind. Mr H. came home to dinner, unexpectedly to.day. I am almost in despair as to the cure of my face, the Balsam does not clear it in the least, and it mortifies me extremely, besides, giving me much uneasiness. Four bottles have not effected the least change for the better. If it could be concealed I would not mind it as much, but exposed to all eyes, and in particular to his, whose admiration I still wish to retain, how can I help repineing at my fate!! Maria, came in after dinner, we set off for Bells, but found a complete change in the weather, and defered our jaunt. I walked to Abbington Square with Maria Exercise, agrees with all my complaints, working almost a charm. G. game me one dollar to.day. The children went with Bridget to see C. Quin, who still lies sick. Mr H. spent the evening with me, he was fatigued, and glad to rest out.