161_Page 159Monday. 1.st. of May. 1843.

A clear, bright sunshine, every thing sweetened by the rain.
Half our neighbours on the________ morning in all directions. We arose at six. Mr. H. has his store to move waits until to. morrow. I rode down with Julie at nine o’clock, to get her a dress. Her father gave her two pretty ones, A striped silk, and a de.laine.
1 yd. lace, two pieces of ribbon, and a barrage veil for my. self.
We had a fine walk home, I stopped in at Mrs. [Habbers], and ordered Julie a print bonnet.
Looked at a pretty straw at Mrs. Wittington’s.
Met Mrs. Schieffelin, had a confab with her, she is as strange as ever, but looks very well.
Made up my bed, and put my room in order on
my return, then sat down to rest my weary bones.
Did not go out again, sat the afternoon in the parlor
sewing, and playing on the piano.

My new cook, Ellen came to night. I have engaged
to only pay her only six dollars the month; I say only
as we have previously given seven.