162_Page 160Tuesday. 2.nd. of May 1843.

Very cool to.day, symptoms of rain at hand. Mr H. commenced, and concluded moving his store to.day. Did not come up to dinner. I rode up to Chelsea, to pay home visits. Sat an hour with Mrs Remsen, saw her sister Anastasia also. Called on Mrs May, She looks extremely delicate. My attention was called to a portrait, her son has just finished of his father. He is an interesting young artists. Remained with Catherine, untill dinner. She is just recovering from a very bad cold, and looks thin & sick.
Mother is fat, and hearty, surrounded by complaining invalids. Mr L. looks care, worn and old.
I rode home with a stage load. In the afternoon went with Remmy, and sis to Mrs Bloodgood. She could not commence Julie’s dress untill next week.
On my return from Chelsea, found I had missed seeing a young gentleman from Charleston “Mr Lass” a friend of Mrs Browns. He left his card, and a pretty letter from Mrs B. Perhaps he will call again.

Was much interested reading “Marriage in High
Life”, it was a beautiful story, but unnatural. So Mr H.marriage
thought, when I gave him the outline. The two last chapters are very affecting, and beautifully written. Emmeline’s characater [sic] is well drawn and worthy of a better fate. The Lover cannot arrest our sympathy, he is too cold and immoral.