163_Page 161Wednesday. 3. d of May. 1843.

Clouded and cool.
Rather lazy this morning. The bell did not ring untill near seven. Mrs Lynch, moving her stock to.day. Takes off our tea.table and six of our chairs, at 8$.
I presented her with a quilt, table-cover, bolster, and plates. Felt glad to get her off, she has worried me very much with her affairs; wish her well with her young husband. Ellen, I think will suit us better.
Mr H. left me two dollars this morning.

I dressed, and set off for a jaunt to see Bell, found it damp, and returned home. Bid Mrs Lynch good.bye, she seemed gratefull for our kindness to her.  Maria, came in to escort me down town, after resting awhile, she set off alone, I felt chilly and did not care to ride so far. Took the children up to Mrs Bloodgoods, she was in confusion, will make Julie’s dress next week.  The air damp to.day, rain in the neighbourhood.