163_Page 161Thursday.4. th. of. May. 1843.

A clear day; but quite cool, and autumnal.
Domestic affairs employed my morning hours.
Mr H. did not dine at home. “A__ A______” tonight.
Took a short walk with Julie, after dinner. Almost too cool to be pleasant. Ladies promenading in their spring bonnets, and new silk dresses.  The Miss Newby’s and Mrs Gilberts from Poughkeepsie, left their cards in my absence.
Mr, and Mrs Anelli, sat an hour chatting with me. He appoints Monday comeing to commence the childrens picture.
Mr H. came in to a late tea, and a tough beefsteak.
Our hours are very irregular at present, G. is so much engaged in business, as to neglect to eat.
A paper of pins. Cap ruche. 57. cts.