165_Page 163Monday. 8. th. May. 1843.
57 Van Dam St. New York.

A misty sultry day, quite oppressive.At nine o’clock I set off with Bridget and the three children for Mr Anelli’s. Julie, and Louis, sat very well for their sketch but Remsen could not be induced to sit and I was obliged to take him home. It was a fatiguing undertakeing for me, as I could not manage the three very well. Mrs Anelli has fitted up her parlour quite well, and the old Apollo, looks more comfortable. She was all cleverness.

I went up to the dressmakers with Julie, and had her measured for her new dresses.
Mr H. game me “thirty dollars” to night, and made me count it up, but I could not get the exact amount, so he gave me a lecture on my want of science.