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166_Page 164Wednesday. 10. th. May. 1843.

Clouded, and dusty, but no rain at hand.
G. and I had an unpleasant confab this morning
about other peoples affairs. They give us great trouble. I went out with Helen to shop, the Dr already sets as her husband purchases her every thing, and seems to idolize her.
A strange infatuation for one of his intellect, and years. She receives every thing with an unmoved, cold demeanour. We returned home, and I sat an hour with them, and then left them to their love, and the piano. A bed room set of crockery came home this morning while to correspond with mine. 3. $ The glazier, putting in our broken glass, the boys have destroyed four panes, by throwing stones.
Took the children to a toy shop, bought them
three cars, paid three shillings. It is throwing money away, I fear, to give them these perishing articles.